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Typhoon Alu-Miller

Typhoon Alu-Miller

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  • No generation of hazardous and explosive dusts.
  • Can be used on angle grinders Ø4.5” and Ø5”
  • An excellent alternative to abrasive grinding discs and flap discs.
  • Mounting hole 22.2mm
  • Very high stock removal rate with reliable controllability at the same time.
  • No adhesion due to polished chip guide surfaces (construction cutting edge).
  • The HW cutting elements are extremely durable and rotatable and replaceable.
  • CNC machined from a single piece of high-strength aluminum.

Due to the defined cutting geometry, there is no dust, just chips.  As a result, a potential health and explosion hazard is reduced to an absolute minimum compared to the grinding process.  The safest, most effective and most economical solution for manual processing of aluminum.

Use: For machining aluminium alloys on one-handed angle grinders 115-125mm.  The field of application is cross-industry in container, shipbuilding and vehicle construction as well as in the aluminium casting sector.  The most common application is the pre- and post processing of weld seams, the milling of root seams and the coarse machining of castings.  Machinable materials: aluminium alloys, copper, zinc as well as wood and plastics (also fibre composites).

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