Aerotech Group’s unique product range has evolved to become the unparalleled portfolio that’s available today. Each and every item that’s sold has been examined and reexamined to ensure it meets our strict quality control standards – offering something more than what’s out there now.

Having previous experience in the metalworking industry, it was clear to see there was never enough customer service to accompany production. That’s why as a company, we’ve worked hard on making sure that every aspect of our service reflects what our customers have come to expect. That’s an honest, quick, efficient and reliable service with a high-quality product to match.

Aerotech Group’s abrasive solutions allows businesses to work safely, efficiently and increase productivity on a scale of their choosing. Our philosophy is resolute, never wavers and is instilled throughout our business: we don’t stop working until we’ve provided our customers with products that meet each and every single one of their requirements.

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Who do we supply?

Aerotech Group sources products from all over the world to give our clients the widest choice and the most competitive prices. Our customers are in local towns and international cities, so there’s a huge range of global industries that we supply to. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Metal fabricators
  • Stainless steel fabricators
  • Steel casting manufacturers
  • Trailer manufacturers
  • Rail industries (rail track maintenance)
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturers of catering equipment
  • Tank and vessel fabricators

We pride ourselves on customer service

Once you’ve made your final decision on the selection of products and finalised your order, this is when our Customer Support team comes into their own. From the initial enquiry through to technical backup and advice, we’re available Monday through to Friday (07:00 to 16:00) via email and telephone to answer every one of your queries. Aerotech Group endeavour to make every aspect of the transaction as seamless as possible, and that includes support after you’ve received the product.

Our aftercare service has been designed to make sure you’re completely happy with your product and Aerotech Group as a company. Our products speak for themselves, but we’re creating relationships all over the world by providing a service that’s honest, quick, efficient and reliable.

Aerotech Group’s customer service is unequalled within the industry.

What other services do we offer our customers?

Specialist items

We’re well aware that not every specification for an item or product can be taken ‘off the shelf’. That’s why we work closely with our customers to provide the perfect abrasive solution that lives up to expectations. For example, if there’s an abrasive belt that doesn’t match the size that our customer requires, then we’ll make one that does. Is there a Typhoon zirconium flap disc that our customer needs that doesn’t match up to the size and grit that’s required? No problem, we’ll create a solution for them. It’s as easy as that.


Every business works differently and we know that some businesses need items in bulk, inhouse and in-hand. Aerotech Group offers companies consignment where and when it’s needed. If our customers require 100 Typhoon zirconium flap discs, then we’ll deliver the items along with a customised cabinet, whilst monitoring the items on a weekly basis. Our customers can dictate the frequency in which the items are topped up. For example, if the flap disk inventory drops below 50 items.

Technical back up to trial products

Aerotech Group works with our partners to provide technical back up to our customers when they’re trialing new products within the workplace. This isn’t necessarily applicable to the majority of our customers, but because we have so many strong connections with our suppliers and partners, we always have the option of calling on their expertise.